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So many men.so many mind. 人心各不同
Down enough to let go 失望攒够了就放手吧
- Put you in my heart. (把你放在我心里)
You let me have a long war 你让我有种久违了的暖暖幸福
Do it for your never do。 做你从未做过的事
Time cures all things 时间是医治一切创伤的良药
I never stopped waiting. 我从未放弃过等待。
I want to be your bride . 我想成为你的新娘
Once the love dead 谢谢你光临我的梦
Be strong, also hurt[再坚强 也会伤]
There’s nothing wrong 其实它们并没有错

You let me lose a lot.你让我失去了好多
Let the time tell the truth. 任由时间说真话
Be the best version of you. 做最好版本的你。
Empty promises will wear 空洞的承诺总会磨损殆尽
Risking it all in a giance毫不犹豫堵上所有感情
Prison birds do not know the sea囚鸟不知海
You’re my Achilles heel . 你是我无法抗拒的弱点。
life is a game of inches .人生是一场游戏的英寸。
I am ordinary yet unique.我很平凡,但是我独一无二.
Old people dream on emotions.『旧人旧梦旧情绪』
If through time, through love 倘若看透时光看透爱
I miss you but i miss you (我想你,但是我错过了你)
All the deep love is secret. 所有的深爱都是秘密。
Cruel is the beginning of growth狠心是成长的开始
I am not greed but I envy。我没有贪婪但我羡慕海枯石烂。
We were just kids in love. 我们曾经只是陷入爱的孩子。
I just don‘t like you anymore 我只是不再那么喜欢你
Nobody could ever replace you 从来没有人可以取代你
Sorry, you are not in my mind.对不起,你不在我心里。
I think I fall in love with you(我好像喜欢上你了)
There is grave There is grave 心里有座坟 葬着未亡人

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    Silence love secretly shed so many tears沉默等爱的人到底暗自流下了多少眼泪Save your heart for someone who cares.把你的心交

    I do not travel around the world, so long as I found you. May.我不要周游世界,我只要找到你。就可以。Could not pledge th

    One day I will shine elegant (终有一天我将绽放优雅)Votre retour n’a pas été respecté 你没有如期归来Give me a future o

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    We loved each other and were ignorant我们曾经相爱却浑然不知If I love you, what will you do如果我爱你,你就等着被我爱。Chase y

    Is your pale I wait,irony my obsession. [是你苍白了我的等待,讽刺了我的执着]Is the wrong with deep feeling.(百无一用是深情)I

    Every day without you is like a book without pages. 没有你的日子就像一本没有书页的书。 Love is hard to get into, but

    Brief is life, but love is long.生命虽短,爱却绵长。First impression of you is most lasting.对你最初的印象,久久难以忘怀。Fad

    Love remained short,but the memory lasts long. 爱那么短,遗忘那么长。I love him most crazy with a bang 我爱他轰轰烈烈最

    Pain setbacks pressure reminding us dont because of the lost sight and stagnation疼痛 挫折 压力提醒着我们不要因为眼前

    I desire to grow old with you without paying any attention.多想一个不小心,就跟你白头到老。Suddenly remember that yo